Scaffolding Organised

When we repair and decorate the exterior of a client’s property we are generally asked to organise the supply and erection of scaffolding to allow for the works to go ahead. We have a reliable scaffolding company at our disposal that we use regularly and therefore we have a good working relationship which means that the scaffold can be erected and taken down all in a reasonable timeframe.
When tackling exterior decorating or renovation it is essential to have the use of scaffolding, not only from a safety perspective but it is also efficient and gives us access to survey the property and assess the condition accurately, this will allow us to make all the repairs necessary to safeguard the external structure and in turn protect the internal integrity of the property.
We can organise scaffolding for any size of job, it doesn’t matter if you have a 2 storey terraced house that requires one side or elevation painting or a 5 storey apartment block that requires access all the way around the building for full renovation – we will take care of it all for you.

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