Paper stripping & Paperhanging

We can strip existing paper from your walls and ceilings for you as this is sometimes a lot harder than it looks. There are sometimes multiple layers of paper to remove, paper that has been painted over with water resistant paints and is therefore difficult to penetrate with the steam, thermal polystyrene liner and varying strengths and types of paste. Once this is done we can assess the walls and see at this stage what preparation is necessary before either painting or hanging new paper. Quite often the steam from the wallpaper stripper will find any cracks in plaster that has ’blown’( i.e. has come away from the surface behind it and which will sound noticeably different when tapped compared to the solid wall) In this instance we can repair small areas ourselves or get a plasterer to come and assess larger areas for you. Preparation is definitely the key here as once paper has been hung it is difficult to put right. We can hang lining paper and patterned papers and will always try to give advice where it is appropriate to help you with your choice.