Guild of Master Craftsmen

The Guild Of Master Craftsmen

As part of our ongoing improvement we have now joined ‘The Guild of Master Craftsmen’, this gives our customers more confidence in our ability and provision of service, not only because we are vetted and reviewed on a regular basis but also because we are prepared to put our reputation on the line.
The guild is the UK’s leading trade association; they look carefully at every application and personally visit all potential members before they are accepted into the guild.

We have provided many confidential references and continue to ask clients to submit a short questionnaire direct to the guild office so that future clients can be assured of reliable and up to date information about our reliability and quality of service.
The ‘Guild of Master Craftsmen’ is based in Lewes and can be contacted through their own website here:

Contact The Guild of Master Craftsmen

or directly at their offices in the High St on 01273 478449 or by post at:

The Guild of Master Craftsmen,
166 High Street,
East Sussex,
BN7 1XU.

You can find us here at: which is their directory of tradesmen and women.